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Tuncer Çakmaklı is keynote speaker at 6th International Conferenece on Earthquake and Structures Conference.

2015-09-08 Tuncer Çakmaklı is invited 6th International Conferenece on Earthquake and Structures Conference in Kerman,İran as keynote speaker.

TCA is invited to Art-Athina 2015 International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens

TCA is in Panoramio

Google’s Panoramio is integrated with Google Maps and Google Earth, allowing for us to tie images of our projects to their geographical locations. Have a look at the TCA Panoramio page or download a KML file for Google Earth.

Çakmaklı is invited to symposium at Berlin Academy of Arts

Tuncer Çakmaklı is invited Metabolic Therapy for the Repair of Urban Reality Symposium as a speaker. He is going to make a presentation about İstanbul on 24th of OCtober, 2014. The Akademie der Künste (Academy of Arts) The Berlin Akademie der Künste, founded in 1696, is one of the oldest cultural institutes in Europe. It is an international community of artists and has a current total of 400 members in its six Sections (Visual Arts, Architecture, Music, Literature, Performing […]

Rethinking The Future Award

Bursa Whosale Market is awarded with honorable mention in “Commercial Built” category at Rethinking The Future Awards 2014 in India. 2014

“Venedik Mimarlık Bienali’nden İstanbul’a İzler”

Tuncer Çakmaklı, Armaggan Art&Design Gallery’de ‘Akşamüzeri Sohbetleri’ etkinliği kapsamında “Venedik Mimarlık Bienali’nden İstanbul’a İzler” konulu sunumunu gerçekleştirecek. 24 Haziran 2014, 18:00 – 19:00 La Biennale di Venezia 2014 2014

TCA at 14th International Architecture Biennale Venezia

TCA-TUNCER CAKMAKLI ARCHITECTS is a part of 14th International Architecture Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia from 7 June to 22 November 2014 in Palazzo Bembo.  

Tuncer Çakmaklı, Ytong ile Venedik Bienali’nde

Ytong supports Turkish architect at the Biennale in Venice. La Biennale di Venezia 2014 2014

Tuncer Çakmaklı at Xella Innovation Meeting 2014

Tuncer Cakmaklı is going to make a presentation regarding “Challenges in the designing process of buildings for future housing” in Xella International Marketing, Product Management & Innovation Meeting 2014.

Tuncer Çakmaklı – İstanbul Rotary Club Speech

Tuncer Çakmaklı gave a speech at İstanbul Rotary Club regarding İzmit Bay Ecological Park. 22.04.2014