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Nestled in the heart of Mashhad, Iran, the Imam Reza Holy Shrine stands as an architectural and spiritual beacon, drawing pilgrims from across the globe. At the epicenter of this sacred space lies the Razavi Grand Courtyard, a sprawling expanse of 60,000 square meters, designed not merely as a place of congregation but as a year-round sanctuary for pilgrims, defying the extremes of Mashhad’s challenging weather.

Mashhad, with its harsh climate, presents a unique challenge for creating a space that can be utilized by pilgrims regardless of weather conditions. In response to this, an unprecedented architectural feat has been conceived—the coverage of the Razavi Grand Courtyard with a retractable roof, a testament to human ingenuity and a symbol of protection and inclusivity.

Envisioned as a technological marvel, the design employs only two colossal retractable umbrellas, transforming the courtyard into the world’s largest covered space ever conceived. This innovative engineering marvel not only provides shelter from the scorching heat of Mashhad’s summers and the biting cold of its winters but also ensures that pilgrims can engage in their spiritual practices unimpeded by the elements throughout the year.

The retractable roof, a true engineering icon on a global scale, stands as a testament to the intersection of technology and faith, serving not only as a practical solution but as a symbol of the unity of human aspirations and divine reverence. The simplicity of using just two immense umbrellas adds an elegant touch to the design, showcasing the power of minimalism in creating monumental structures.

Furthermore, recognizing the need for environmental control, the structure incorporates advanced air conditioning systems, ensuring a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for pilgrims. This integration of technology serves not only to protect against the weather but also to enhance the overall experience of those who visit this sacred space.

The Razavi Grand Courtyard, with its retractable roof, emerges as a groundbreaking architectural and engineering icon, setting a new standard for sacred spaces worldwide. It not only stands as a testament to the dedication of those who seek to make places of worship universally accessible but also reflects the enduring spirit of innovation in the realm of architecture and engineering. As the umbrellas unfurl, they not only shield the faithful from the elements but also open a new chapter in the story of architectural wonders, symbolizing the harmonious fusion of tradition and technology.

60.000 M2


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