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Istanbul Camlica Mosque

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  • 65.000 m²



Welcome to a celestial sanctuary gracing the pinnacle of Camlica Hill, a sacred haven that transcends conventional mosque design and embraces a panoramic embrace of Istanbul’s majestic beauty. The new design of the Camlica Hill Mosque unfolds as a masterpiece, where spirituality intertwines with nature, offering breathtaking views over the Bosphorus and Istanbul’s iconic skyline.
The mosque’s elevated perch, the grandeur of its design becomes apparent. The architectural masterpiece stands as a testament to both tradition and innovation, with towering minarets and a magnificent dome that pay homage to classical Islamic architecture. Yet, it’s the seamless integration of modern elements that makes this mosque truly distinctive.
The focal point of the design is the mosque’s courtyard, a verdant oasis reminiscent of the mythical Garden of Eden. Encircled by a green wall adorned with a vibrant tapestry of flowers, the courtyard serves as a tranquil retreat, inviting worshippers and visitors alike to connect with nature and find solace within the embrace of the divine.
Gaze beyond the minarets, and the Bosphorus and Istanbul sprawl beneath you like a living canvas. The mosque is strategically positioned to offer an awe-inspiring view, becoming a place where the earthly and the spiritual converge. As the call to prayer resonates, it mingles with the whispers of the wind and the breathtaking panorama, creating a sacred harmony that transcends the confines of the mosque’s walls.
The surrounding area, the most important Islamic district in Istanbul, becomes a pilgrimage site not just for spiritual seekers but for those enamored by the intersection of faith and beauty. The mosque’s design pays homage to the rich Islamic heritage of the region while providing a contemporary space for worship, reflection, and communal gathering.
Welcome to the Camlica Hill Mosque, where architecture becomes a vessel for spirituality and the courtyard transforms into a celestial garden. This is not just a mosque; it’s a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, a sacred space that beckons worshippers to commune with the divine while marveling at the timeless beauty of Istanbul and the Bosphorus.

Budget: 80.000.000 €
Location: Istanbul Turkey
A competition project designed in Istanbul, Camlica region.

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