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Red Cross /KIZILAY – Branch Office-GÖLCÜK-TURKIYE

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  • 600 m²



The devastating earthquake that struck Izmit and Gölcük in 1999 highlighted the urgent need for robust and earthquake-resistant infrastructure, especially for organizations dedicated to disaster response and humanitarian aid. In the aftermath of this seismic catastrophe, the Red Cross/Kızılay emerged as a critical player in providing aid and support to the affected communities. Recognizing the vital role played by this humanitarian organization, the proposal for a state-of-the-art, earthquake-protected Branch Office in Gölcük, Turkey, was conceptualized.


The primary objective of the architectural endeavor is to create a seismic-resilient complex that serves as both a Red Cross/Kızılay Branch Office and a centralized management point for future disasters. The design focuses on incorporating cutting-edge engineering and architectural principles to ensure the safety and functionality of the building during and after seismic events.

Architectural Design:

Steel Construction:
The proposed building will be constructed using advanced steel framing technology. Steel, known for its strength and flexibility, provides an ideal material for earthquake-resistant structures. The design integrates a steel skeleton that can absorb and dissipate seismic forces, minimizing damage and ensuring the structural integrity of the building.
Seismic Isolation:
The architectural plan incorporates seismic isolation technology to decouple the building from ground motion during an earthquake. This innovative approach reduces the transfer of seismic forces to the structure, mitigating the risk of damage and enhancing the safety of occupants.
Flexible Open Spaces:
The layout of the building embraces open, flexible spaces that can be easily adapted for various purposes. This design philosophy not only promotes efficient disaster response operations but also ensures that the building can serve as a multifunctional hub for community activities during non-emergency periods.
Advanced Evacuation Systems:
In consideration of disaster scenarios, the building design includes state-of-the-art evacuation systems, such as earthquake-resistant staircases, emergency exits, and assembly points. These features are essential for ensuring the swift and secure evacuation of occupants in times of crisis.
Sustainable and Green Architecture:
The architectural design incorporates sustainable and eco-friendly elements to minimize the environmental impact of the building. Renewable energy sources, rainwater harvesting, and green spaces contribute to a holistic and resilient structure that aligns with modern architectural principles.

The envisioned Red Cross/Kızılay Branch Office in Gölcük stands as a testament to the commitment to disaster resilience and humanitarian aid. Through the fusion of cutting-edge engineering and thoughtful architectural design, the proposed building aims to be a beacon of strength and support in the face of future disasters, ensuring the continuity of vital services and the safeguarding of human lives in times of need.

Budget: 550.000 Euro
Location: Golcuk, Turkey

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