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ISTANBUL AIRPORT-Unending Technology for Unifree Duty Free


  • 95 m²



The major city stations, ports and airports are the gates of cities and countries.

Farewells and reunions take place here.

In order to respond to these meanings and to strengthen emotions, structural fiction and design are very important in these structures.

Airports are obliged to undertake new and different functions with the developing technology age and also to establish their originality.

Istanbul Airport is structured to provide the most important travel route in the world and to accommodate its guests.

As a result of an invited competition opened for our customer Unifree Duty Free at Istanbul Airport, our two “twin” technology store designs, which were located before the exit on the arrival floor, were preferred.

Our aim is to create a threshold before the exit which weaves its volume and space in the big arrival hall with an endless connection without a wall and without a door.

It will be a place of sale for all technology products with wooden shelves placed between the special aluminum structure that weaves the space while swimming in the air.

Space in space, mass in mass.
Define the space within the architectural structure with a single and pure element.

There are two vertical red surfaces parallel to each other and the space is formed by a horizontal black surface that connects both of them.

This endless line, takes an endless journey through space and welcomes
you all Istanbul guests as a three-dimensional calligraphy.

Location: Istanbul,Istanbul Airport TURKEY


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